Ellipsometers give non-contact thickness and refractive index measurements of thin transparent and semi transparent films to sub-angstrom precision. Gaertner has helped pioneer the field of ellipsometry and we offer high quality laser ellipsometers  for the semiconductor, solar, chemical, biological and other thin film industries that are a popular alternative to overly complicated spectroscopic ellipsometers.
Prices from $20K.


Stokes Ellipsometer LSE-USB

with convenient USB interface is based on advanced StokesMeter™ technology  (previous winner of  Photonics Spectra and R&D 100 best new products awards). The unit's basic design offers unprecedented ease of use, precision and instantaneous measurement at a cost under $20K in the USA.
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Stokes Microspot Ellipsometer LSE-MS

offers a 15 micron measuring laser beam diameter, manual  2x2 inch micrometer positioning stage and a CCD camera for viewing the area of measurement on your PC. Areas as small as 15 X 45 micron can be measured using advanced StokesMeter™ technology $36K.
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Stokes WAFERSKAN Ellipsometer LSE-WS

is a high speed film thickness mapping system measuring one site per second including stage travel! It uses advanced StokesMeter™ technology to give tilt-free, focus free, 2D/3D color thickness and index maps on any size wafer up to 300mm. Easy to use and affordably priced under $50K in the USA, the LSE-WS is a popular choice in a high precision scanning ellipsometer. 
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New Two Angle Two Wave Stokes Ellipsometer  LSE-2A2W 

automatically measures with both a red laser at 70° and green laser at 60° incidence angle.  The 2 angle 2 wave capability determines thicker film thickness and gives refractive index measurements over a wider thickness range.  Helps with difficult to measure films. $36K. Get many of the advantages of spectroscopic ellipsometers without the complexity.
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Two Angle Two Wave Stokes Waferskan Ellipsometer

high speed film thickness mapping system automatically measures each site at 70° with a red laser and 60° incident angle with a green laser. It is a fast instrument for thin film visualization giving tilt-free, focus-free automatic 2D/3D color thickness and index images on wafers up to 300mm.$67K
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Multiwavelength Ellipsometers L2W & L3W

Two and Three Wavelength Ellipsometers use additional laser sources to analyze difficult films. They give refractive index results in near period regions, and measure the thickness of thicker films, and offer many of the advantages of spectroscopic ellipsometers without the complexity. Priced from $35K in the USA.
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In Situ Stokes Ellipsometer L104ST

is a super fast, reliable, no moving parts ellipsometer that is ideal for measuring the rapid growing or etching of films in situ within your reactor. Get precise real time measurements of early film growth on a bare substrate to sub-angstrom precision. Determine the exact end point during an etch. Polarizer and analyzer modules mount onto window flanges outside your CVD, electron-beam, MBE, sputtering reactor or chamber. Priced at $36K in the USA.
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Stokes Ellipsometer LSE-Traveler

is designed to be shipped or checked as airline luggage, the rugged LSE-TRAVELER fits into a airline safe foam filled travel case together with sample table and a USB interfaced notebook computer that is ready for measurement right out of the case. Under $28K
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Pre-Owned Ellipsometers  

are used ellipsometers that become available from time to time that have been traded in by customers upgrading to newer models. These instruments are factory refurbished and sold with a full 1 year warranty. A pre-owned ellipsometer offered at a substantially lower price may be a good option for a company or university on a limited budget. Check availability for these popular ellipsometers.
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Software - USB ellipsometer Upgrades for Windows 

Software and USB interfaced upgrades are available for older Gaertner ellipsometer models LSE, L116, and L115. Software programs LGEMP and LMOD for Windows give enhanced ellipsometer performance. WAFERSKAN models L115 type can be upgraded to Windows  for 2D/3D color mapping and visualization  Prices start at $975 depending on upgrade.  
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